When will my pie be ready for pick-up?

Your pie order will be ready for you whenever you arrive on your scheduled pick-up day. All orders are organized in a way that allows us to provide you with fresh pies regardless of your arrival time!

I want to buy a pie but I don’t live near Indianapolis. Can you ship a pie to me?

Currently our pies are only available for pick-up at the shop. We are unable to ship our pies at this time but they’re definitely worth the drive!

There’s a pie flavor I’m interested in but I don’t see it listed on your menu. Can I still order one?

We currently do not take special orders, but we do our best to provide a variety of great pie options in every season.

I had one of your pies a few months ago, but I don’t see it on your menu anymore. Where did it go?

We rotate our menu seasonally, which depends largely on our access to local ingredients. We use local, in-season fruit as much as possible in the warmer months. If you are waiting for a certain pie to come back, you will likely see it around the same time of year it was last available.

How many people can a whole pie serve?

We typically slice a pie into 6 slices at the shop, but some of our customers do 8 slices at home. It all depends on the crowd you’re trying to feed!